Still in the Dailly neighborhood…

To start this week, we continue to talk about the Dailly/Josaphat district where decidedly a lot of things are happening right now. We were even told this weekend of the arrival of a chocolate maker rue Auguste Lambiotte that we will quickly try out!

Godmother-DefinitionToday we want to tell you about Chez Marraine! Also well known in the neighborhood, Chez Marraine is one of the pioneers of the neighbourhood renewal with Copains and the 1030 Café. They also organized along with Copains the “Course des garçons de café” in the Josaphat Park.

That being said, the most important thing for us is that we eat well and that the atmosphere is good. The specialty of the house are the burgers but it is also possible to eat other things. We tasted a very good beef tagliatta on our last visit. Note that the bar is also up to expectations with a good selection of beers and cocktails.

If you are looking for an evening in the neighborhood, this is the right place to go to eat and continue with a Jazz concert at 1030 Cafe next door and why not one last drink at Copain!

Godmother-Flat Burger



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