The best butcher shop in Schaerbeek!

Wesley Butcher Shop obviously!

Wesleys-LogoWesley has been here for a little while and he is also in all the good plans or almost on Schaerbeek. Be it the games and BBQ evenings organized at MIEU with Woodies or the lunch of the Sint Sebastiaan in the park Josaphat. If you have not been there yet you have probably already tasted its products in some of the events organized in Schaerbeek.

If you are looking for a piece of aged beef, this is the place to go in  Schaerbeek! All of his preparations are also very good. At home, we have worshippers of Wesley’s burgers and sausages.

If you are looking for sauces and condiments from the UK. This is also the place!

But some photos are better than a long text!

Wesleys-Interior 1Wesleys-Detail INTÉRIEUR2Wesleys-Detail INTÉRIEUR3Wesleys-Interior Detail

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