A new chocolate maker in Schaerbeek!

We were talking about it in the introduction of our article devoted to Chez Marraine. We said we would go and try it quickly and we did!

We therefore went to Xocolate (pronounce [tʃokolate]e), the new chocolate maker in Schaerbeek at number 65 of rue Auguste Lambiotte.

Xocolate-Box2Behind this name Xocolate is Xavier DeClercq who after a first part of career at OXFAM in the sector of solidarity began to also become artisan chocolatier. He does, of course, without denying the values he has always defended by working with organic products from fair trade.

Xocalate already produces pralines for several months for events and has just opened its store where you can buy retail.

The shop is nicely arranged, the packaging is simple, elegant and durable.

This is all very well, you will say, but… Yes it is very good! Otherwise we wouldn’t talk about it.

Xavier lives in Saint Gilles for the moment but has told us that he is enthusiastic about the Dailly neighbourhood so there is only one step to become a resident of Schaerbeek soon.

Pay him a visit him on our behalf or contact him for an order you will not regret it!

Xocolate-Display 2Xocolate-Display 1Xocolate-Table

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