The biggest Färm is in Schaerbeek

Many already know because it was in preparation for a long time, a shop FÄRM is open inSchaerbeek, Avenue Rogier 383 since the end of September.

But did you know that this is the largest FÄRM store existing? We went there and indeed the store is much wider than it seems from the outside. This obviously makes it possible to have a really interesting choice of products.

The great pleasure in entering it the smells of hot bread and pastries! Because this FÄRM has the specificity of having its own bakery in partnership with Agribio which provides the raw material and expertise. The bread is produced on the spot, hence the good smell upon arrival.

In good Breton, Olivier is demanding on 2 things: pancakes (from Britanny) and bread. We bought buckwheat pancakes for dinner tonight and he tasted the bread which actually is very good.

We strongly recommend it to you!

Prefer the tram or the soft mobility to get there because it can be difficult to park.

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