A secret baker in Schaerbeek

We told you, Olivier is French from Brittany and he loves good bread. Last week we wrote about the new FÄRM Meiser and its bakery wand then one Facebook comment leading to another one on Instagram, we are told that there is a secret baker in Schaerbeek… And that he is on Rue Artan! And it’s true! We’ve tried it immediately.

We just went to get our bread which is actually very good (with good butter on it) and really organic!

Life Martin_Graines Bread

The bread is made by Martin who is the baker of the Cooperative Graines de Vie The Co-op is located in Grez-Doiceau but Martin is an inhabitant of Schaerbeek and has thus created a delivery point rue Artan where we can pick up our orders every Wednesdays and Fridays. The orders are made directly on the site of Graines de Vie.

The Co-op also has other activities: from livestock to gardening and tree-growing according to the principles of permaculture to processing and training. One of their objectives is to create a direct link between the producer and the consumers. We advise you to visit their sites (Internet and their production sites) because they talk about it better than we do.

It is a nice thing that a resident of Schaerbeek is one of the members of this project and even better that it allows us to enjoy it a little every Wednesday!

Note: Thanks to Bruno of the Bienfaiteurs-Weldoeners group for the tip!

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