Best pasta at La Mamma!

For one we leave Schaerbeek to go to Place Saint-Josse (in Saint-Josse-Ten-Noode so) nearby.There is the restaurant La Mamma where we go when we want to taste a real plate of pasta cooked in the traditional Italian way with fresh produce. Just writing about them makes us drool!

La Mamma has been here for almost 40 years and we have been going for 20 years and never been disappointed! For us this is one of the safe values of traditional Italian cuisine in Brussels. Let’s say it.

Also note that the Piola Pizza is also installed just next door for those who want to eat a Neapolitan pizza. We will taste them very soon.

We are certain that you also have very good addresses… Then share them with us!

The Mamma carriesThe Mamma Room 1

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