Grafik Arts in Schaerbeek

Last weekend Sabrina and I went for a stroll Avenue Louis Bertrand, which (re) becomes more and more beautiful month after month. We went to Grafik, a space of discovery, art gallery, bookshop centered on the graphic arts. We first came to see the Pogge exhibition and the illustrations by Lukas Verstaete. We were talking about Pogge in one of our previous article! This exhibition still demonstrates the importance of this character in the heritage of Schaerbeek!

The wax statue of Pogge was also lent by the commune of Schaerbeek for the duration of the exhibition.

We were very welcome not Laetitia and Ysatis. Beyond the exhibitions and their selection of graphic novels for all ages, they will offer in 2019 workshops open to adults and children to discover different techniques of graphic arts.

Grafik-Front with Pogge

The Pogge exhibition is now over but we will return this week to see the work of Ysatis through its exhibition Amazonian burgers devoted to the causes of deforestation in Amazonia. And we will not miss the dedication session of Brecht Evens for his new book Les flutes, 23/11.

Finally, it has already been said that it is formidable in Schaerbeek that traders federate in associations to propose common events. Grafik is part of the movement of course and will be in Josaphat Park for Christmas Park on December 6th, alongside many other safe values of Schaerbeek!

Everything we love!

Last but not least: Grafik also offers design and graphic services. Check out their website, their Facebook page and follow their Instagram account. It’s all there!

Grafik-Interior 1Grafik-Interior 2Grakik-Front 3

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