The best Italian restaurant in Schaerbeek!

Friday night, night out as a couple! It’s been a while since we wanted to test this beautiful Italian restaurant of Avenue Louis Bertrand, La Buca di Bacco. It is already an institution for some in Schaerbeek but it was a first for Olivier.

From the entrance, we notice the beautiful Art Nouveau-style room which will be a pleasure for the eyes all through the meal.


And then comes the menu with the daily suggestions. For us: eggs blown with pecorino and black truffle in the entrance; Ragù gnocchi and wild boar ravioli in a dish, torta caprese for dessert. And a good wine from Puglia to accompany all this. Everything was perfect.

Thank you very much to Salvatore Orza for the explanations on the history of the house!

Another proof that in Schaerbeek we have everything we need a few steps away from home!

And here are the pictures!



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