A morning shift at Bees Coop!

Last Saturday, up at 6:15 as I had promised my neighbours to the Bienfaiteurs/Weldoeners Neighbourhood Committee to join them for their monthly shift at Bees Coop! At this early hour, Sabrina preferred to stay at home so as not to slow me down…:-)

I am co-operator of Bees Coop since the beginning of their adventure and although I sometimes do not adhere to some of their choice, I am admiring what the creators have managed to put in place. They succeeded in creating the first cooperative supermarket of Schaerbeek (and Brussels?) starting from a blank sheet! A beautiful determination for a beautiful result. A nice supermarket, well stocked with organic and sustainable products, in short supply chain…. There is also the bread from Graine de Vie, which we have already talked about here.

In the Bees Coop model, all co-operators must participate in the operation of the supermarket by coming to work once a month during 3h (so-called shifts). I admit I have not been very diligent so far with only two shifts in a year and a half. So last Saturday I went and I had a great time with a very nice team.

On the menu: Unload and control of the daily deliveries, storage of fresh products in the cold room (very cold), placing in the shelves of fruits and vegetables, replenishment of rays for other products, control of the labelling of products, etc… And a little coffee together to finish!

A nice experience, I’ll go back next month!

To learn more about Bees Coop, watch this video where Bart presents the store and concept.

And of course some pictures:

BeesCoop-Shift 10BeesCoop-Shift 9BeesCoop-Shift 8BeesCoop-Shift 4BeesCoop-Shift 1BeesCoop-Shift 7BeesCoop-Shift 6BeesCoop-Shift 5BeesCoop-Shift 3

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