Another wine bar "coup de coeur"

For this new article we wanted to tell you about one of our first favorites in Schaerbeek. We mentioned it already in our very first article…… This is Chez Felix

Chez Felix, we eat well, we drink well, and we rarely see time pass… We often take the mixed cheese and deli plate but the menu is regularly extended with new dishes. The selection of wines is original with a predominance of organic wines with always good advice when you do not know what to choose. One of the great assets of Felix is its terrace, when the weather allows. There is Woodee right in front for the games and children’s gifts and the proximity of the Friday night market of the Place des Chasseurs Ardennais, making it the perfect place to finish your grocery shopping. Moreover it is also possible to buy wine bottles to take away.

We must admit that we do not go as often as Chez Copain or 1030 Café, but it is only because it is not as close to home as it remains one of our fetish places. Chez Felix was the first wine bar to settle in the neighbourhood.

In short, another really nice place in Schaerbeek, our beautiful commune that keeps going!


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