A new start at the Schaerbeek train station!

This weekend we went to discover what will probably become a “place to be” in Schaerbeek in the coming months: Le Train Bistro, the new creation of Olivier Callens with the team of the Train Hostel.

As soon as you get in, the tone is given with a pleasant welcome. The place is minimalist and warm, inspired by the world of trains. The concept is explained to us quickly: the kitchen is open on an all-you-can-eat buffet. The wine list is displayed on the wall with a small but carefully chosen selection by Bernard Poulet, to accompany the dishes available (the selection will be renewed regularly).

So, we settle down and order a glass of wine: a ‘Malbec de Grenet’ for Sabrina, a ‘Lunate Terra Siciliane’ for me. And we’re ready to go and discover the dishes! We head to the buffet where we meet the chef, Jean-Louis, who explains the selection of the day with enthusiasm and passion. All the dishes are homemade with fresh products selected by him. He favors a cuisine with a minimum of fat, and a lot of steam and slow cooking.

At our choice that evening: steak tartar prepared with a knife, quinoa salad, Vitello Tonnato of minced chicken, leek and Brussels cheese quiche, grilled vegetables, etc… Then the main courses: leg of lamb, salmon steaks, fondue of onions, gratin dauphinois, fantastic braised chicory (Jean-Louis gave me his secret but… I promised not to say anything!) and rice.

The chef also told us that he would soon be making live cooking, to serve portions directly by the plate.

The dishes are good and the wines too. A little break. We take the opportunity to taste the ‘Carignan Vieilles Vignes’ and the ‘Terre de Truffes’ to accompany our desserts.

We love desserts and we were not disappointed. As we are meticulous, we actually just tasted everything: Crème brulée, tiramisu (homemade recipe), sugar pie, spilled cake, chocolate mousse, fruit salad. Really good!

The evening menu is at €20 per person, for lunch it is €15 (excluding beverages). Children are taken into account with reduced rates for them. A brunch is available every Sunday at €25 per person. A real brunch that we promised to try quickly with homemade muesli, pancakes, fried bread, omelettes, roast beef, cheese platter, etc…

To sum up, a meal up to the promise with impeccable service. A nice experience in the district of the Schaerbeek Station and the Avenue Huart Hamoir, which lacked places like this! If you like the architecture and the beautiful facades, take the time to walk there after your meal. And don’t miss the awesome Train Museum, the Train World.

And if you take a lunch at the Train Bistro, you will also be able to get a 30-minute nap in one of the train cars on the rooftop of the Train Hostel. It’s offered with the lunch!

And of course here are the pictures taken by Sabrina below!


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