Napoli… almost in Schaerbeek

When it comes to eating Italian, we do not hesitate to get out of Schaerbeek! And this Saturday it was actually not very far away from Schaerbeek… We already told you about La Mamma restaurant (in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode). Today we are heading to La Piola Pizza, right next to La Mamma, place Saint-Josse.

La Piola Pizza is the latest restaurant opened by the Leone family (who previously ran La Piola, place du Châtelain, and La Piola Pesce, rue Américaine). The family knows its business! For us it was a discovery, however the place is already well known to the lovers of the real Napolitan pizza.

La Piola Pizza offers red pizzas and white pizzas (without tomatoes). We’re told the secret of a good pizza is linked to the oven and the baking. We directly saw the wood-burning oven, allowing constant baking at 450°, for pizzas cooked in about 1 minute.

The products are organic (some coming even from their own garden) and directly from Italy, be it for flour, tomatoes, condiments, cheese and charcuterie.

The place is already referenced in the best guides of the capital so no need to say much more! Trust us and go, you will not be disappointed!

And here are some pictures!

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