Cocktails in Schaerbeek

It’s been a while that we wanted to talk about this place and we were eagerly awaiting the official opening! We can now finally write about one of our favorites places in Schaerbeek… It is the new cocktail bar that has just opened near the Josaphat Park: Ethylo cocktail bar.

Ethylo is the new creation of Julie Delacourt and Julien Tonka – the owners of Chez Marraine – in partnership with Romain Vervoort. The place is intimate (rue Josse Impens), and it has a cosy atmosphere inspired by the 1930s. We feel a little bit like being in “Once Upon a Time in America”, in a speakeasy at the time of prohibition – and with some good Jazz music.

Julie takes is in charge of the administration, marketing and communication while Julien and Romain take care of the cocktails.  They are truly passionate about cocktails and have been trained in some of the best known places like the Radisson Blu and the Green Lab.

The menu offers standard cocktails as well as home-made creations. The preparations are subtle, well balanced and prepared with high quality products from small local producers. You will also find a fine selection of beers from very good local breweries, non-alcoholic cocktails (mocktails) and a menu of homemade food suggestions to enjoy on the side. For the home lovers, it is possible to buy cocktails and take them away. And all of this is at reasonable prices.

In short, the place is original & out of the box, and we are really pleased to see this new adventure begin in Schaerbeek!

We like it very much, and we look forward to being able to also enjoy the terrace when the beautiful days come.

Last important point: they recently launched a crowd funding initiative on Crowd’in to further improve the place and concept. It is possible to take part until February 27th! If you want to help them, it’s here.

So … willing to test something else than a Aperol Spritz and taste a real cocktail?!

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