Electric bikes made in Schaerbeek!

We are back after a few weeks without an article and after the colds and other pleasures of this early spring.

Talking about more beautiful and longer days, we thought we could write about cycling and more specifically about the bikes made by CYCAD, designed and manufactured in Schaerbeek! The start-up was created by Perrine and Nars two years ago. Their idea was born a few years back in the Philippines where they met and developed their first model of bicycle. Then, back in Belgium where they matured their project and their concept to design an electric bike with a local bamboo frame and parts form Belgian or European producers.

Obviously we have tried a bike and we are about to adopt one!

The use of bamboo allows for a very original design and after a first try we both find that these bikes are very nice. The front wheel smaller than the rear wheel provides greater comfort and driving flexibility.

We also love their learner bike model for children, however unfortunately our kids are now far too old! And to transport your children, a new model is about to come out on which two children can be installed.

CYCAD offers its bikes in a rental formula that includes maintenance, repair, insurance and replacement in case of theft or breakdown. A very interesting formula for independents for example but also for companies with a mobility plans for their employees or a shared bicycle programme.

The start-up currently has about thirty bikes in circulation. Their goal is to reach the 65 bikes by the end of the year.

So if you want to support Perrine and Nars’ project, here is the Facebook page of CYCAD, give a try to their bikes and talk about it around you and in your companies!

We believe in it and we’re not the only ones! Actually, the Belgian magazine Moustique dedicated an article to them in its edition of March 27, 2019!

Some photos (kindly provided by CYCAD):

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