Shiatsu massage in Schaerbeek

This week, new discovery in Schaerbeek… After a long day of work, Sabrina felt in need of a relaxation moment… She decided to try and discover the benefits ofthe Shiatsu massages given by Ariane in the area of Josaphat Park!

The purpose of Shiatsu massage is to ensure that energy flows smoothly. These are relaxing and balancing dressed massages. After the pressures, kneading, manipulations and stretching which take into account the body in its entirety, one feels relaxed, light, stretched, and/or energised!

Ariane gives massages at her home (opposite the Parc Josaphat, Avenue General Eisenhower, not far from the 1030 Café). She can also provide massages at your place or in companies for chair massages.

And so will you ask me… Verdict? Well, it was pretty good! Greeted with a delicious verbena and ginger herbal tea, I was entitled to an hour of relaxing massage with insistence on more sensitive points, the massage being adapted to the needs of the recipient. And finally: relaxing face massage with facelift effect (when I actually even fell asleep… !).

Ariane is in her second year of study for Shiatsu massages, her training is recognized by the Belgian Shiatsu Federation, and she is clearly passionate about Chinese medicine and this Oriental philosophy that takes into account both body and mind.

We wish her much success in this activity!

For more details, here is Ariane’s website: and

In short, a nice experience that I recommend! 

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