A spring in Schaerbeek in 1971!

With this Spring that does not want to really begin, we wanted to share with you one of our last discoveries on this commune of Schaerbeek that does not stop surprising us!

This is a story that we have recently heard excerpts from in a La Première Radio show and from there we looked at the audiovisual archives (SONUMA).

Here is the summary: in May 1971, “in Schaerbeek, over a period of 3 months, takes place the” Free Schaerbeek in the theatres and in the street “, organised by the Théâtre 140. The actors of the cultural life came out of the halls to invest the parks, public squares and streets in order to go to meet the public and encourage them to think, to ask questions, to react and to participate. The theatre troupe “Ridiculous”, coming from New York, is in the streets of Brussels. A parade that led to  a conviction for contempt of morality for Théâtre 140. ”

The movie includes the Josaphat Park, the debates on the galloping urbanization of the time and already a reflection on ecology and environmental concerns, the place of nature in the cities, and many other themes at the heart of our current day to day concerns.

To watch urgently! Here is the link: A spring in Schaerbeek: May 1971

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