Greedy sin with very good Pecorino!

After a few months of absence due to the implementation of a new professional project that took us all our time… we return with an article prepared by a former schaerbeek blogger never really converted: Eric Platteau
I have many vices. I even live in sin permanently. And I love it! Hahahaha. 
This time I share with you my greedy sin of the moment: Pecorino cheese.
Pecorino is an Italian cheese with pressed sheep’s milk. There are 5 varieties of “AOP” appellation. Each Pecorino comes from a different Italian region, it is characterized by the breed of sheep and its method of refining. So much for the definition of my sin… Pecorino means “little sheep” in Italian. The crust of the cheese is often encased with olive oil to protect it, in fact, it is an Italian mamamia cheese!
But let’s leave the theory aside and talk about practice and where tasting and purchase of the best Pecorino in Schaerbeek can be done!?
Well I have the ideal address: “The Place to Cheese” in the Terdelt district. This new cheese shop – a delicatessen – opened more than 2 years ago anyway – is already well known to all the inhabitants of the area (also for their tasty sandwiches at noon). 
It was precisely at 30 Dr. Dejase Avenue that Annick opened her quality business; in her favorite neighbourhood that she knows at her fingertips – a pure “schaerbeekoise”!
Past the door, the very large counter is a marvel for me: fine, Italian deli meats, a mind-blowing choice of cheeses (really mind-blowing) then the Pecorino department and then various and multiple homemade preparations. In short I could spend the day there. But let’s stay focused on the Pecorino: there are a few dozen: young or old; natural, Romano-style, pistachio, pepper, rosemary, truffle, chilli… Try them all! I have a soft spot for the old Pepper Pecorino. A treat for the taste buds. We are close to ecstasy…
My article is not finished yet! Because cheese goes with a good bottle of wine. And here comes Jeaaan-Louuuiiiiiisss, the owner of Passion For Wine, the wine shop on Place Colignon (In all fairness, it’s the only wine shop in Schaerbeek and we’re lucky, the guy is a good genius of good wine). He suggested 3 bottles of white wine; because indeed white wine is the best match with Pecorino. Pictured below are two Italian wines and 1 French wine. Let’s be rogue… I recommend the French wine to drink with this Italian cheese. Long live Europe… cheeses and wines. Domaine Labranche Laffont in the French Pyrenees. A glass of this wine and… Pleasure guaranteed.
The key to this cheese-wine matching is to first try it for yourself before sharing it with friends or family. A pure moment of happiness for me on my terrace with these quality products from 2 shops in Schaerbeek run by enthusiasts. Ah I Love Schaerbeek!!! Then my friends ate it all! Ah Schaerbeekois, I love you! 
It should be noted that Schaerbeek also includes the dynamic cheese shop Le Goût, Avenue des Azalées 40 and the historic Alpage shop, Square Eugene Plasky 88. In short Schaerbeek is spoiled with 3 excellent cheese shops.
Best winemaker in the world or even in the universe: “Passion for Wine” or “Chez Jean-Louis”: Place Colignon 22 Go for it on my behalf.
The Place to Cheese: 30 Dr. Dejase Avenue –  The deli section is also worth a visit; especially for the Italian deli!
This is my latest contribution as a former schaerbeek blogger. New adventures elsewhere call me. But hey… never say never; especially in Schaerbeek! – Eric Platteau

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