Support Schaerbeek’s HORECA

Why the Horeca (Hotels, Restaurants and Cafés)? Like everyone else I understand that we all have to take responsibility, wear a mask, apply the barrier gestures to prevent this damn virus from continuing to spread. But why particularly stigmatize Horeca and also all their suppliers and service providers? No comprendo! So, I wanted to make a quick look back at the various addresses we have already talked about here or on the Instagram account and remember that if Schaerbeek has become such a popular commune for a few years, if we enjoy walking out in its neighbourhood, shopping near home, going for a drink , eating a bite, strolling through our streets, is largely thanks to the dynamism of all these entrepreneurs. They contribute to the revitalisation of our city.

Here are already in no specific order some of the nice places and there are many more! Let’s support them! Some of them have already (re)launched their take-away service!

It should be noted that the frequentation of bars, cafes and restaurants creates traffic through the streets of Schaerbeek which allows to discover other beautiful addresses nearby, such as MIEU, La Ritournelle, Xocolate, Passion for Wine, Wesley Butcher Shop, Grafik, Sanjiwani, Woodee, Cache Pot, Wonder Green and I apologise to all the others I forget!

Let’s support the Horeca and all our stores in Schaerbeek!

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