About us

We have been living in Schaerbeek for almost 10 years with my wife Sabrina and our 2 children.

Over the years we have found ourselves more and more attached to this town and its inhabitants. We have discovered (and are still discovering) great places, run by people who make this town a little more pleasant to live in every day!

My activity as a real estate agent, with my agency Confluence.immo, also gives me the opportunity to travel around the town a lot, to discover it a little more every day and to meet a lot of passionate and committed people.

That’s why I had the idea to create this blog and talk about what my family and I appreciate: the restaurants, cafes and wine bars, the shops we go to regularly or discover, the craftmakers, the artists, the initiatives that we like, etc.

I voluntarily do not stick to a particular theme but let myself be guided by my desires to publish with my own, fully assumed, subjectivity of course. Sometimes I will even go outside Schaerbeek! And from time to time I will also talk to you about real estate.

I only have one golden rule (for now): talk ONLY about what pleases me (or those close to me) and leave out what I like less. This blog is meant to be positive!

I hope you enjoy discovering what we love about Schaerbeek as much as we do!


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