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IMG_2968 2We are Sabrina and Olivier, a Belgian-Italian of Liège and a Breton, settled in Schaerbeek for 7 years now!

As the years went by we found ourselves increasingly attached to this commune and its dynamic inhabitants. It is because we love Schaerbeek that we decided to create this blog and talk about what we appreciate: restaurants, cafes and wine bars, the shops we frequent or discover, the artisans, the artists, the initiatives that we Like.

In addition to our two ballads, the real estate agent activity of the most Breton of us offers him the possibility to circulate a lot in the commune, to discover it a little more every day and to meet many passionate and engaged people.

Voluntarily we do not confine ourselves to a particular theme but we let guide by our desires of publication… Subjectively, of course, because it only engages us. We will even allow excursions out of Schaerbeek some times!

We have 1 single rule of gold (for now): Only talk about what we like and leave aside what we appreciate less. This blog has a positive vocation!

We hope that you will take as much pleasure in discovering what we love in Schaerbeek as we do!

Sabrina & Olivier

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