The best Italian restaurant in Schaerbeek!

Friday night, night out as a couple! It’s been a while since we wanted to test this beautiful Italian restaurant (more…)

Les Trouvailles de Louise!

Last Sunday we told ourselves, at the last minute around 12:30, that a little brunch with the family would be a good thing. (more…)

Best pasta at La Mamma!

For one we leave Schaerbeek to go to Place Saint-Josse (in Saint-Josse-Ten-Noode so) nearby. (more…)

Still in the Dailly neighborhood…

To start this week, we continue to talk about the Dailly/Josaphat district where decidedly a lot of things are happening right now. (more…)

The best pizzeria in Schaerbeek

It’s Saco Pizza Bar!!! And for us the best pizzeria in Brussels!  (more…)

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