Month: October 2018

Best pasta at La Mamma!

For one we leave Schaerbeek to go to Place Saint-Josse (in Saint-Josse-Ten-Noode so) nearby. (more…)

A secret baker in Schaerbeek

We told you, Olivier is French from Brittany and he loves good bread. Last week we wrote about the new FÄRM Meiser and its bakery wand then  (more…)

The biggest Färm is in Schaerbeek

Many already know because it was in preparation for a long time, a shop FÄRM is open in (more…)

A new chocolate maker in Schaerbeek!

We were talking about it in the introduction of our article devoted to Chez Marraine. We said we would go and try it quickly and we did! (more…)

The best butcher shop in Schaerbeek!

Wesley Butcher Shop obviously! (more…)

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