The good places in Schaerbeek

Sabrina and I have loved for a long time the chocolates and pastries of Pierre Marcolini. Beyond the quality and consistency of its products, we also appreciate the fact that he is one of the artisans in Belgium of the movement “Bean to Bar”. This ethic and taste of the good products can be found in the book he just published with his friend Gourmet journalist René Sépul: “The Good Address“.

Why are we talking about this? Well … because some of the good addresses listed in the book are in Schaerbeek!!!

We are not yet at the richness and diversity of addresses in some other municipalities in the city of Brussels but we can still be proud!

We have already talked about some of these places on this blog, and we will not fail to go and try the others as soon as possible. Note that some of the good places we like are not in the book. We will highlight those to Pierre and René for the next edition!

Here’s the bulk list. You will find more details in the book of Pierre Marcolini and René Sépul, in the articles that we have already published on the blog and directly in those good places of course!

  • L’âne Vert – Rue Royale Sainte-Marie 11 – www.l’
  • Le Zinneke – Place de la Patrie 26 –
  • La Laiterie – Parc Josaphat
  • La Buvette Sint-Sebastiaan – Parc Josaphat
  • Ciaooo Pizza – Avenue du Diamant 199A –
  • La Piola Pizza – Place Saint-Josse (we mention it even though it’s not in Schaerbeek since we talked about it on this blog!) –
  • Saco Pizza Bar – Avenue Milcamps 154 –
  • Lale Pide – Chaussée de Haecht 129 – infos via Facebook
  • Metin Pide – Chaussée de Haecht 94 – infos via Facebook
  • Brasserie Illegaal – Rue Verte 109 –
  • Copains – Avenue Rogier 262 –
  • Le 1030 Café – Avenue Jan Stobbaerts 100 –
  • Python – Avenue Emile Max 55 – info on Facebook
  • Chez Félix – Rue Félix Marchal – info on Facebook
  • Le Barboteur – Avenue Louis Bertrand 23 – info on Facebook
  • C. De Champagne (mentioned because one of the cofounders is from Schaerbeek) –
  • Cocozza – Avenue des Azalées 8 –
  • Pasticceria Giovanni – Chaussée de Louvain 303
  • Bevernaege – Rue Victor Hugo 142
  • Van Dender – Chaussée de Louvain 416
  • Wesley’s Butcher Shop – Place Wappers 3 –
  • Fructimar – Rue Achille Detienne 6 –
  • Candam Supermarket – Rue de Jerusalem –
  • La Ruche Qui Dit Oui –
  • Les Ecuries Van De Tram – Rue Rubens 95 – www.les
  • Les Idées à la Pelle – Avenue Louis Bertrand 25 –
  • Le Thym Frais – Chaussée de Helmet 186

We are sure you may also feel that some of your favorite addresses are missing! If that’s the case, let us know. We will be happy to test them soon!

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